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Sponsorships should be more than just a marketing tool; they should be an extension of your identity as a company and a representation of what you stand for. Through sponsorships, we at HandyGames™ do our bit in supporting teams, projects and organizations we identify with.

Before taking a potential partner into consideration for a sponsorship, we ensure that they represent or support values, ethics and causes that we, as a company, share and wish to promote. Our current list of sponsorship partners has proven just that. Please take a look at the highlights of our partners below; they all deserve our and your support.

DJK Rimpar Wölfe

Logo DJK Rimpar Wölfe

HandyGames™ was one of the official sponsors of the successful 2nd Bundesliga handball team DJK Rimpar Wölfe. Their team spirit and the resulting rise through the ranks has been nothing short of inspiring and this is exactly what we at HandyGames™ can stand firmly behind! Their team spirit and fight for success represent a mindset that we share and wish to promote through our sponsorship.

Photos © DJK Rimpar Wölfe

Indie Arena Booth

Indie Arena Booth logo icon

One for all, all for one! HandyGames™ supported new and rising indie game developers with 12 000€! Game studios all over the world united in one big gathering, the Indie Arena Booth . With our help they were able to present their innovative and promising games on the Gamescom, the greatest game trade fair in the world! Hundreds of thousands recognized their hard and fantastic work. That is awesome!

Oberhausen e.V.

Logo Fallschirmsportclub Oberhausen e.V.

The team of the Fallschirmsportspringerclub Oberhausen e.V. emerged victorious in our HandyGames™ & Radio Gong Crazy Challenge, which pitted them against many other regional teams who fought it out in an effort to secure a lucrative sponsorship deal. We are excited to see where our newest partnership with these aerial daredevils will take us.

Photos © Fallschirmsportspringerclub Obernhausen e.V.

Handy Games™ and Radio Gong Crazy Challenge

106,9 Radio Gong Würzburg Logo

In 2014 the HandyGames™ and Radio Gong Crazy Challenge took place for the first time. Five regional sport clubs had to fight against each other, to win a lucrative sponsorship deal worth 5000€. The teams had to survive four rounds of crazy games, including a Crazy-Croco-Race, Bubble Soccer and many more. In the end, after a nail-biting finale, the Fallschirmsportspringerclub Oberhausen e.V.  was able to take home the big prize!

Photos © Marion Edema, © Christoph Jobst

Fördergemeinschaft Leistungssport Mainfranken e.V.

We are also a member of the Fördergemeinschaft Leistungssport Mainfranken e.V. (FLM), an organization that aims at giving talented athletes the opportunity to pursue both their career in sports and their profession or vocational training/higher education at the same time – a concept that is not only important, but also quite successful.

We know exactly what we are talking about since Konstantin Madert, has joined us through this program. He was proving his skills and talent on as well as off the field as goalkeeper for DJK Rimpar Wölfe and Scrum Master at HandyGames™.

“Als professioneller Handballtorwart durfte ich schon dem einen oder anderen Klub dabei helfen, seine Ziele zu erreichen. Unter anderem stand ich bei der HSG Barnstorf-Diepholz, GWD Minden und den norwegischen Erstligisten BSK/NIF und Follo HK unter Vertrag. In Oslo arbeitete ich nebenbei als Torwarttrainer an einer renommierten Sportschule. Nun führte mich mein Weg wieder zurück nach Deutschland, genauer gesagt nach Süddeutschland. Hier konnte ich meine Ziele auch außerhalb des Spielfeldes verwirklichen. Als Scrum Master habe ich sehr viele wichtige Erfahrungen sammeln dürfen. Das Program ist eine super Sache!” – Konstantin Madert

Photos © HandyGames™, © DJK Wölfe Rimpar

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We always strive to be actively involved in various social and community projects. Raising funds is great, but raising awareness is almost equally as important. We aspire to do both by organizing different charity events with our partners and thus support causes we believe in.