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Virtual Reality Apps

Unleash the power of 3D visualization and a lifelike 360° view: Immerse yourself and your clients in another dimension and experience virtual reality apps with the help of VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. Whether you want to show your customers the detailed development of future projects, real estate equipment or upcoming events – Pictures say more than a thousand words and there is no limit to visualisation with this awesome technology!

Virtual reality apps even offer the possibility to experience complete city tours, museum exhibits or major events like concerts without leaving the couch. Virtual reality is the future and the future starts now! So don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for more information about how virtual reality apps can help you showcase the future of your business, organisation or event!

The future starts now!

Business benefits:

The new technology of VR apps and VR headsets opens up entirely new possibilities for any kind of business model. You can easily give your customers a full 360° view of a product, a virtual tour of a business environment or train new employees via VR livestreaming. Virtual reality solutions are also particularly interesting for industries where prototyping and testing of the early stage of development is playing a big role, for example for the architecture and construction sector. Thanks to virtual reality apps, even static drafts transform into reality and become more imaginable for the client – and of course this kind of technology can be easily transferred to other projects as well. Just take a closer look at the many benefits of virtual reality technology!

Perfect for compelling presentations

Products and services become way more tangible

Realtime adjustment to customer requirements

Lower risk of misunderstandings in sales and client communication

Possibility of data analysis and evaluation

A wide range of applications

High-tech but easy to handle

360° views with or without VR-headsets

Examples for 3D visualisation

VR Achitecture Screenshot 06
VR Achitecture Screenshot 03
Achitecture Screenshot 04
VR Achitecture Screenshot 01
VR Achitecture Screenshot 05
VR Achitecture Screenshot 02

Experience Virtual Reality by yourself!

Easy Installation:

Experience virtual reality by yourself and download our free demo version of VR Architecture! This demo application contains a VR tour through a virtual show house shows you how your project could look like. VR Architecture is simple and quick to install on your Android smartphone or tablet, and can be completely uninstalled at any time. Downloading the demo of VR Architecture is entirely free of charge, the only things you need to use the application is an Android device and a VR headset. Please read the following instructions in case of any questions regarding the installation setup. Convince yourself and enjoy this immersive 3D experience!

  1. Download the free demo version of VR Architecture on your Android device
  2. Use a file explorer like File Manager to navigate to the download folder of your device
  3. Click on the VR Architecture APK
  4. Install and run the application
  5. Switch on your VR headset or place your device in your Google Cardboard
  6. Experience virtual reality firsthand

Note: The 360° view of the virtual show house is also possible without a VR-headset.