Epic Battel Dude EN

Epic Battle Dude

Ready your weapon, charge into combat and fight the hordes of evil! Being king and living in a big castle may be all fun and games… until monsters invade your home, knock you out and kidnap your queen! This means war! Time to dust off sword, shield and chainmail and teach those pesky monsters a lesson! EPIC BATTLE DUDE is an innovative fantasy action game with RPG elements and tactical real-time combat.

Use sword, axe and mace to fight vicious monsters and turn the tide of battle by making tactical use of deadly traps and mighty power-ups! Loot lavish treasures and buy powerful magic weapons for maximum carnage! Hack and slash your way through 50 levels filled with hordes of challenging enemies and become the ultimate EPIC BATTLE DUDE!


Action-packed gameplay with RPG-elements
Tactical real-time combat system
3 types of attack, over 50 weapons
Diverse enemies that require different tactics
Deadly traps and mighty power-ups
50 challenging levels in 4 unique locations


Epic Battle Dude Screenshot 01
Epic Battle Dude Screenshot 03
Epic Battle Dude Screenshot 02
Epic Battle Dude Screenshot 04


“Cool Really cool time passer. Finished it 15 times already and still playing daily on the way to and from work.”
— Google Play User

“Nice game play, smooth animations, funny character and lovely music. The perfect game for any phone.”
— Windows Phone 8 User

“DOWNLOAD NOW… RIGHT NOW… THIS VERY SECOND! IT’S EPIC! You won’t be sorry you did”
— Amazon Apps User

Additional information

 Available Platforms:

    • Android (2.1 and up)
    • iOS (4.3 or later)
    • Amazon Kindle Fire
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows Phone 8

 Game Controller Support:

      • None

Special Features:

        • Game Center support (iOS)
        • Full tablet support (Android)