One Hand Clapping

“EARLY ACCESS GAME” – Experience a 2D platformer with a very unique mechanic: change the world with your voice! One Hand Clapping lets you discover the power that rests within your vocal cords while solving unique puzzles that will require rhythm and a good ear. You must build confidence in your singing voice and explore several different mechanics to overcome harmonic and pitch-focused challenges.

Don’t be afraid of hitting the wrong notes, it is all about taking risks and learning from your mistakes. Find out how far your voice can take you! – Please be aware, that this game is still in early development and new features and levels will be added in future updates. Check out the Early Access FAQ and take part in the community discussion on our discord Server.


  • Escape the judgemental eyes of Silent City’s hostile inhabitants
  • Wander through expansive, multicolored biomes and sing to change the world
  • Sing along with whimsical hermits throughout your musical journey
  • Creative and cacophonic gameplay


Additional Information

  • Available Platforms:
  • Google Stadia
  •  Game Controller support:
  • Full Stadia Controller compatibility
  •  Special Features:
    • Early Access Game
  •  Age Rating: