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Christopher Kassulke, Agile & Independent | Casual Connect Video

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When Christopher Kassulke presented Mobile Games: The Advertisement Platform of the Future at Casual Connect in San Francisco, he was confident his company’s strategy for thinking about advertising presence is a path to success. ”To be successful with advertising revenue,” Kassulke advised, “implement ads into the game flow. We don’t have a one hit wonder. We have a lot of games that get played every day. And we make money with advertising.”

A Games Handyman!

Christopher Kassulke is Co-founder and CEO of HandyGames, a company based in Giebelstadt, Germany that specializes in free-to-play games in Android and iOS. Prior to starting this company, Christopher was a freelancer working in the PC and console business. But his major desire was to have his own company. He says, “Founding this company fourteen years ago to develop games with my two colleagues was an adventure that I am still enjoying.”

Market Awareness is Key

Christopher is a heavy gamer. He believes it is only possible to develop great games if you are spending your own time playing on different platforms. But he also believes that the right work-life balance is important, not only for him, but for the entire HandyGames team, so he spends much of his free time with his three children.

So Big, So Fast

His feelings about the HandyGames team are clear as he describes his pride in the company and the products they have produced since it was established. He says, “We produced so many products worldwide that have attracted millions and millions of players around the globe. I am enjoying the years; the time flies by way too fast.” He claims every new title is like his baby, so he now has a very large family! He is also very proud that the company has been self-financed and independent for so long.


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HandyGames™ CEO Christopher Kassulke

It is only possible to develop great games if you are spending your own time playing on different platforms.

Christopher Kassulke